Golden Colossus Event

The land rumbles in the distance. A new threat approaches. While most people will cower and hide, there are brave souls willing to face this challenge and vanquish it. Are you the one who will be successful in beating the golden monsters?

The Golden Colossus is a limited-time event from September 29, 2020 (after maintenance) to October 12, 2020. Golden Goblins, the minions of these fearsome monsters, have been seen on Kanturu, Aida, Tarkan, and Archeron. They carry the will of their masters, as well as a means to summon them. Killing the Golden Goblins gives a chance at dropping Titan’s Anger, an item you can use to summon the Golden Titan.

The Golden Titan has a chance to drop Tantalose’s Punishment, so you can summon the Golden Tantalose to hunt. Each of these Golden Colossi will have the chance to drop the item needed to summon the next monster, each more powerful than the last. 

Be warned, the Golden Colossus event and the special summoning items the monsters will drop will disappear at the end of the event. Search for these Golden Goblins, and prepare for an epic fight!

Posted 29 / 09 / 2020 By mulegends

Currently this is only one server.