Client Download Available

Our OPEN BETA LAUNCH is TODAY (JUL 20)! You have to download the NEW GAME CLIENT!

🔸OPEN TIME: 5:00 (GMT+8)

🌐Download: HERE


New Major Features:
🔥Rune Mage
🔥Ghost Horse

Major Fixes From CBT:
✅Auto/Helper PK
✅Official S15 Mob Spots
✅Pentagram Element
1️⃣ All CBT Rewards from the level challenge will be completely inserted within 1-7 days as stated.

2️⃣ "BUG Finder" rewards will be announced on the forum on how to claim and once management has verified the validity of the bugs.

3️⃣ "MU STORY" loyalty rewards for Asia S15 will be sent via Email as stated within 1-7 days from OBT.
The MUAsia Tea

🌐Website: www.themuasia.com

🌐Forum: forum.themuasia.com


Posted 20 / 07 / 2020 By mulegends

Currently this is only one server.